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Thailand + Cambodia

Hello friends!

Traveling is one of my biggest passions. Since we have been back from Thailand I have been asked SO many questions! That's why I thought it would start sharing our trips with you. What we loved, what we learned, and everything in between!

Thailand + Cambodia 
November 10 - 25th

When to Travel Thailand + Cambodia:
We decided to go to Thailand in November. November to early Apri is their dry season and we experienced great weather! The temperate was right around 85°F (30°C), with about 70-80% humidity. I don't know about you, but I LOVE humidity so I didn't mind it a bit.

Cambodia was a little rainier, more humid, and a little warmer (88°F). 

When to Buy Plane Tickets:
We purchased our plane tickets from SLC to Bangkok in early August (3 months before). I suggested getting them 3-5 months out for the best prices. We found tickets for $750 round trip but flew Delta so we could earn sky miles and ended up spending $1,170 per person. WARNING: the flights there and back are brutal. 

I also highly suggest buying plane tickets between cities as early as you can. We waited a little too long, but tickets were still pretty cheap. We flew Air Asia:
Bangkok to Siem Reap: $70 per person
Siem Reap to Chiang Mai: $205 per person
Chiang Mai to Krabi: $230
Krabi to Bangkok: $61

     Visa & Passport:
      Thailand all you need is your passport! Cambodia you do need a Visa which can be purchased here: You do need to get the Visa beforehand. We got ours about a month in advance.

      We took carry-ons and it made our lives a lot easier. Here is a link to the bag we got: 
      I also got a camera/day bag. It wasn't my favorite. It was bulky and a side bag and was constantly getting in the way. For other trips, I am using this bag: This bag holds a 15-inch laptop as well as a camera.

     USD & Thai Bhats:
      When we had our first layover in Seattle, we got $15750 Thai Baht's (about $500 USD). I highly recommend getting a lot of small bills. I also recommend getting more than $500 USD ($15750 Thai Bhats). I would take a debit card and only use ATMS at banks and airports. 

      Cambodia takes USD. Again, you will be using a lot of small bills. 

      Honestly, all the food was AMAZING. These were just a few of my favorites we had while we were there.
      Khao Soi: My favorite food I tried! It is an egg noodle, coconut milk, curry. It can only be found in northern Thailand (also in Bangkok but REALLY hard to find). 
      Mango Sticky Rice: This is what heaven tastes like. Made with rice, mango and coconut milk.

Bangkok (November 11th - November 12th):  
      On November 11th we arrived in Bangkok at 11:00pm. We got picked up at the airport by the hotel we stayed at It was $109 USD and included the hotel pickup, 1-night stay, and breakfast.

      On November 12th we checked out of the hotel, left our luggage and went to explore! Tuk Tuks are the best way to travel and cheap. They only take cash so make sure you have some small bills ready. 

      We took a riverboat tour and went to a few temples and shrines. I wish we would have gone to the Grand Palace:, but it was one destination we didn't make it to.

We then got our back to the hotel and grabbed our luggage and went to the airport and flew to Siem Reap,
Cambodia. We stayed in a hostel called Onederz: They have private rooms, which
we opted for. For our 4 night stay in Cambodia, we paid $124.

Siem Reap, Cambodia (November 13th - November 15th):
November 13th:
We went to the Cambodian temples (Angkor Wat) for two days the cost is $62 per person
      We did the grand circuit the first day. We found a tuk-tuk driver outside our hostel and he is the coolest! Feel free to message me for his information.  He drove us all day for two days straight for $40 total.

We got foot massages almost every night! They are SO cheap and it feels good after a long day of walking.

November 14th
We went to the small circuit and the ever so famous Angkor Wat temple. 

November 15th:
We went to a floating village and it was my favorite thing we did in Cambodia! We booked it through our hostel. They were about $40 per person. It included tour and transportation. It was a half-day excursion and we watched the sunset on the water.

November 16th:
We then flew to Chiang Mai, Thailand. We stayed at the Rainforest Boutique Hotel If you do stay here don’t stay in the regular rooms, stay in the coco deluxe rooms! The cost of the room was $200 (4 nights). We went to the night bazaar every night. It is a blast! The hotel has a free shuttle. 

November 17th:
We went to the elephant sanctuary and it was the best day EVER! It was $75 per person (we did the full day) and included transportation, photos, lunch, shirts. I loved the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. They rescue elephants from cruel situations. They feed them, provide veterinary care, as well as land to live on.

If I may get on a soapbox for a moment, please don't ride elephants. Here is an article explaining in more detail:

November 18th:
We had more of a chill day and went to the Wat Phra That Doi Suthep The cost of the temple is $2 per person. We also went and got massages at this really cool spa. I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. I will update this post if I do!

November 19th:
We did a cooking class and it was a blast! We booked it through the hotel and it was $64 per person (included transportation, and food).

November 20th
We left Chiang Mai and took a flight to Krabi. We flew Air Asia and the cost was $230 (we could have gotten them cheaper but we waited too long).
We then took a ferry to Ko Phi Phi. The ferry was about an hour and a half. The cost of the ferry was $57 per person.

We stayed at the HIP Seaview Resort. This is my favorite place we stayed in.
This island is more money, but totally worth it. Our hotel was $405 for four nights. 
November 21st
We did a booze cruise We stopped at the following destinations: 

  • Monkey Beach: This place is SO cool. There are tons of monkeys and you get to feed them. They are everywhere!
  • Loh Samah Bay: We went snorkeling here and it was beautiful!
  • Maya Bay: This was a beautiful beach. 
The cost was $160 per person.

We also watched the fire dancers. They are all along the beach and they are incredible! 
November 22nd:
We just relaxed on the breach and got massages. There are tons of things to do! There are other islands you can go to that are close. 

November 23rd:
This was Thanksgiving so we had a fancy dinner on the beach and went on some hikes. 

November 24th:
We took a ferry back to Krabi and then caught a flight back to Bangkok. We flew AirAsia again. Cost: $61 per person. We stayed at Picnic Hotel Bangkok: We paid $54 for the night. 

November 25th
We took a taxi back to the airport and headed home.

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Baby G Birth Story {Salt Lake County Newborn Photographer}

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Sunday, February 19, 2017

Toni and Daniel Wedding {Utah County Wedding Photographer}

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